I found the training to be energizing on many levels. The presenters did an excellent job presenting tools for pastors to use in congregational settings, conversations among pastoral colleagues encouraged mutual support and sharing of insight and wisdom and the case study approach to learning helped me think about how to apply theoretical learnings to specific situations.

I think congregations need to pause and re-assess what God’s Spirit is inviting them to in a new chapter of their faith journey. An intentional interim minister can help lay to rest some of the hurts of the past, assess strengths and areas of needed growth and help prepare the groundwork for congregations to welcome a new leader and enter a new chapter of their congregational life together.

–Ken Beidler, West Philadelphia Mennonite Fellowship

Intentional Interim Ministry is an idea full of merit for pastors and congregations in times of transition.  Congregations need help detaching, doing some introspective work, and opening themselves to a new future.  Incoming pastors need congregations with higher self-awareness that are less likely to get caught up in comparisons and nostalgia.  What is not so obvious is the value of this training for those involved in oversight ministry.  This curriculum provided some of the most valuable and practical tools that I continue to apply to my ongoing relationship with congregations as they seek God’s preferred future in their unique contexts.  I highly recommend it.

–Terry Zehr, District Minister, NYMC